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NSC project

“The research on multi-faceted conditions of transforming the production-logistic system with broad production assortment and multivariate customer service strategy”


Project is realised at the Faculty of Engineering Management at Poznan University of Technology in Poznan, Poland. 


The project was funded by the National Science Centre based on the decision no DEC- 2011/03/B/HS4/04125.


Project duration: 15.08.2012 – 15.08.2015


Reasons for undertaking the research:

    Reasons for undertaking the research derived directly from the needs of management practices. The fast change of market functioning conditions and its consequent the need for changes in organisation and production management cause that most production enterprises need to search for a “path” between the presently applied and often traditional production management model and a model which is adequate to the current market conditions. Contemporary enterprises are intended to ensure a high customer service level, which makes them apply a logistic approach to the production process. The production system of the enterprise becomes a link in their supply chain. It should meet high reactivity and reliability requirements according to the orders of the enterprises’ customers. Such a business model orientation of the contemporary production enterprises requires the areas of production and logistics to be integrated.

    The integration process starts with choosing a global (competitive) strategy and functional assistance strategies and the approach to their implementation in the sphere of logistics and production. The transformation process of the production-logistics system requires both a comprehensive assessment of its condition at different cognitive levels and identifying its determinants, together with an analysis of their impact. Practitioners of management expect support from the world of science in this field, so that under certain operating conditions, the transformation process led to the construction of dedicated solutions. The developed original methodologies of assessment and transformation of the production-logistics system constitute an important contribution of the authors striving to meet the requirements of the practitioners in the field.


The cognitive and utilitarian objectives:

On the basis of the above mentioned requirements, cognitive and utilitarian objectives of the project were formulated. The cognitive objectives of the works performed include the identification of:

  • determinants of transformation of production-logistics systems and their interdependencies,
  • criteria for assessing the production-logistics system.

The utilitarian objectives of the work performed included the development of:

  • transformation methodology of production-logistics system, based on properly selected set of existing management tools (together with their required modification),
  • the approach to the production-logistics system assessment,
  • methodology for evaluation of transformation of production-logistics system.


The results of the project

The result of the project are scientific articles and a monograph:

"Transformation of a production-logistic system in the enterprises of broad assortment offer and a varied customer service strategy. Premises, methodology, evaluation."

Authored by: Piotra Cyplik, Łukasz Hadasia

The monograph is available here: http://libra.ibuk.pl/book/147484


Dokumentacja techniczna modelu symulacyjnego dla badania efektywności przepływu strumieni materiałowych w warunkach zróżnicowanego asortymentu (PL version)