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Partnership of Science and Progress


The Partnership of Science and Progress Project is realized as a joint programme called “Technical and Mathematics-Environmental Knowledge Acceleration in Poland” and it is financed from the European Union funds within the European Social Fund. The project is an answer to a contest of Ministry of Science and High Education concerning development of personnel qualifications of R&D system and awareness increase of science role in economic development. The leader of the project is the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region, and the partners are Poznań University of Technology (the originator of the project) and Poznań Division of TVP (Polish Television).



It is worth studying to work well (to find a good job)

The primary aims of the project are popularization of Polish and international scientific achievements, promotion of innovations in connection to new technologies implemented in economy, popularization of study courses which create modern economy and the generalization of knowledge transfer to economy and presentation of science as a solution to increase economy competitiveness and innovativeness. The project is directed to all students above all, and also scientific staff and employees of R&D sector.



For all promotion of science and development is worth

The project has an informational character and therefore, the main tasks are connected with the promotion of activities supported by research of communication efficiency. The basic all-Poland promotion tool is a vortal presenting all events in the project. The television programmes called Scientific Shot, which are realized and emitted by Poznań Division of TVP, play the major role in this project. The Afera Radio prepares broadcasts called Pimp My Mind for all-Poland students’ broadcasting stations. Two electronic journals Akademickie B+R and Elektroniczne archiwum techniki will be also published.



About Wielkopolska in all Poland

Besides media transfer, BTL (below the line) campaigns will be also organized in 16 academic centres in Poland. The BTL campaigns will be largely realized by students’ organizations. Within the campaigns, ambient activities with the application of photo codes and seminars will be organized.



More information: http://www.naukaipostep.pl.