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In May 2010, the first of the three projects realized as a joint programme of Technical Knowledge Accelerator, a project called Wielkopolska System of Monitoring and Forecasting, financed from the funds of the European Social Fund was initiated. The initiator and the leader of the project is Poznań University of Technology with the cooperation of the representatives of partner institutions such as: the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region and Miasto Poznań.



Adjustment of competences in job market

The aim of the project is to satisfy information needs in the scope of adjustment of vocational education to needs in job market. For the tasks of the project students of vocational schools will receive up to date, short and concise information about desirable competences from employers and employers will get individualized information about employees. Schools, local governments and labour market institutions will obtain reports containing complex information about competence gaps in job market what will contribute to the elimination of inept vocational courses and creation of new ones in Wielkopolska.



Current and forecasting data

In the project numerous innovations, both in technical and substance areas, will be applied. The present research concerning adjustment of people’s qualifications to real requirements is made selectively in a disordered manner and a long time spent on its formulation causes that in a moment when it is made accessible it is not up to date anymore. Current updating of system data will provide access to essential information in real time.



Inferential and free solutions

The inferential design solutions of the system and ways of information flow between institutions, employers and employees contribute to shortening of time spent on looking for a job or employee. Thanks to the cooperation with partners and co-funding of the project from the European Union funds this tool will have free access. It is important for development of Wielkopolska region and searching for one common free tool to make information about current and forecasting data about job market available.  Information system will start-up in the first half of 2012.



Finnish experience

The partner of the Poznań University of Technology is also Central Ostrobothnia University for Applied Sciences from Kokkola in Finland. This foreign cooperation will help to adopt chosen solutions from the country where educational systems are recognized as the best ones.



More information: http://www.praca.awt.put.poznan.pl.