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Knowledge for economy






The realization of the project started in July 2009 and it will last till December 2013. Its supervision is done by Vice Rector for Education of the Poznań University of Technology, University Professor Stefan Trzcieliński, Ph.D., D.Sc., Eng.,  and it is managed by Paweł Stajkowski, MA. A group of specialists and academic staff will be also directly engaged in this project.



The aim of the project is adjusting  the educational offer of the Poznań University of Technology to the expectations of potential employers, labour market and requirements of a knowledge-based economy till 2013 by improvement of education quality.  In connection to it, education programmes for new courses will be developed with cooperation of representatives of businesses taking into consideration the needs of labour market and knowledge-based economy. The students of the first degree courses will have a possibility of continuation of their studies.



Within the project four new future courses in the second degree level will be opened:  Management, Logistics and Safety Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering Management and Chemical and Process Engineering at the Faculty of  Chemical Technology. 780 students of the Poznań University of Technology will benefit from this project.



The studies at the courses can be very attractive for candidates as there is an interesting education programme and are also planned additional activities:

  • trainings for students and graduates – 150 student trainings will be provided in the most attractive enterprises; participants will have a possibility of gaining practical abilities;
  • participation of employers in educational process – in order to improve practical aspects of education 77 groups of lectures will be given by industrial specialists;
  • Labour Fair – they will be directed to almost graduate students and graduates from all faculties in Poznań University of Technology; the organization of fairs will facilitate students and graduates direct contact with employers and it will be a chance of finding a job;
  • panel meeting with employers – 160 representatives from enterprises and academic staff of the Faculty of Engineering Management and Chemical Technology will take part in it;
  • within the project an outstanding researcher will be employed – University Professor Waldemar Karwowski, Ph.D., D.Sc., Eng.;



The attractiveness of the project is heightened by the fact that the studies are co-funded by the European Union within the European Social Fund. Thanks to it the students will be provided free teaching materials, starter and will not have to pay for recruitment fee.



More information: http://www.wdg.put.poznan.pl.









The project is financed from the funds of the European Union within the European Social Fund.
Project: Knowledge for economy
No: POKL.04.01.01-00-250/09
Project executive: Poznań University of Technology, pl. M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 5, 60-965 Poznań
Tel.: 061 665 39 57 fax: 061 665 36 99 e-mail: wdg@put.poznan.pl; http://www.wdg.put.poznan.pl