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On 23 December this year vice-rector

dr hab. Jacek Goc prof. nadzw. announced a day off



Ph.D. Eng. PAULINA GOLIŃSKA-DAWSON as an expert of the European Commission

In June 2016 Ph.D. Eng. Paulina Golińska-Dawson of the Chair of Production Engineering and Logistics was a member of the working group elaborating a road map within the program STRIA (Strategic Transport Research and Innovation Agenda). She was an expert of the European Commission for the research area “Vehicle Design and Manufacturing”. Road maps developed by 7 working groups will be used for determining necessary priorities in the support and development of research on innovation and implementation of new technologies for sustainable transport system in the European Union.











Student Scientific Group "Logistics" is inviting to VI PFL Conference

On 21-22 April 2016 at the Conference Centre of Poznan University of Technology will be held VI Poznan Logistics Forum (PFL), organized by the Student Scientific Group "Logistics" from the Faculty of Engineering Management.

    Poznan Logistics Forum is a countrywide students’ conference, bringing together students, professors and universities, and representatives of companies from the logistics of the whole Poland.

    This year, the theme is "Lean & Green, efficient use of resources in logistics, services and manufacturing."

            The program of the conference on the first day provides, speeches of speakers from reputable companies, using modern tools of Lean Management, a debate of representatives of companies and professors of Poznan University of Technology, as well as presentations of papers prepared by students.

            Participants of VI-th PFL on the second day also will take part in excursions to selected companies and workshops conducted by representatives of logistics companies.

            Link to records for interested listeners will soon appear on the event's website: www.pfl.put.poznan.pl.


Let’s meet on the conference



SKDP and RKN invite to an open lecture

Student Scientific Group of Improving Processes and RKN invite to an open lecture which will be given by representatives of the company Transics. It will take place on 26th of April at 6:30 p.m. in the 1CW (Piotrowo Street 2).

The lecture is titled: Fleet management on the basis of telematics systems - solutions of the company Transics

Transics develops and commercialises software, hardware and services for the transport industry fleet operators that lead to more efficient and cost-effective processes, to more productive, safer and ecological driving and to improved customer services.

The lecture will be conducted in Polish.






 "Grey information, grey models and grey world" - open lecture


In March 2016, the Faculty of Engineering Management of Poznań University of Technology hosted to Professor Naiming Xie from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics with his open lecture titled “Grey information, grey models and grey world”.







We extend a warm welcome to you and would like to thank you for your interest in our faculty!


In order to fulfil requirements of present and future professional activities and competitiveness on a global scale, there is a need to educate specialists who are able to help raise the Polish economy to the same level as economies in highly developed countries are. The basis is an understanding of economic realities, knowledge of technique and technology and the ability of cooperation in a society – not only in a local one. Today we need highly qualified experts who are creative and ready to realize changes. Such specialists are educated in the Faculty of Engineering Management in courses such as Engineering Management (in Polish and English), Logistics (in Polish) and Safety Engineering (in Polish).


We take great pleasure in inviting you to participate in the courses provided by our faculty. We guarantee a professional and world-class education, highly educated academic and research staff, a very well equipped laboratory, a possibility of a student exchange program with famous European universities, and a friendly climate in which to study. Additionally, we provide our students with a great scope of activities within the boundaries of cultural, sporting and scientific student organizations.


Our studies have always had an engineering character. This means that graduates not only understand what is going on around them but they are also able to exploit their surroundings for their own needs. They are innovative and cope with problems professionally. Know-how and practical abilities differentiate our graduates in job markets and put them in high demand as specialists.